A New Public Workforce for the Uninsured

The Jaspert Hybrid Healthcare Reform Plan will create a new part time health care workforce to provide a lower cost platform for the uninsured. It works like the public defender system by providing a supply of part time medical doctors and other practitioners to support the needs of our remaining 46 million uninsured.

The Jaspert plan moves the majority of unpaid claims for the uninsured away from the private system. The costs for medical insurance could come down to 1990's levels.

In the Jaspert plan, labor and services would all be not for-profit and costs for each public worker would be even less than Medicaid and would be run state by state tailored to each local areas demand. 

The Jaspert Hybrid Healthcare Plan is not political but rather based on an efficiency model providing lower costing direct care to the 46 million uninsured Americans today and creating millions of jobs to directly lower Americans health care costs in the future.

The Hybrid Healthcare Reform White Paper is

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